Vegan Headache

Mario, vegetarian for the health benefits!
So I haven’t been able to post anything for the last two days due to Uni assignments/test and the fact that my home internet was down (initially due to reaching my data limit, then due to a fault). This post will therefore encompass the adventures of days 5 and 6 of my journey.

In sharp contrast to my ‘Feeling better already?’ post the 27th started off slightly different. It seems putting the ‘?’ in that title was some kind of subconscious foresight. 5am, alarm goes off, worst headache in as long as I can remember. I’m not one who usually gets headaches which made it especially unpleasant, and meant I wasn’t prepared with any kind of pain medication. I had briefly encountered a warning that headaches may result when going cold turkey, but the specific article was related to going raw vegan. Seems the difference between a raw diet and a slightly microwaved diet isn’t such a huge leap. As is my way I immediately turned to Google for answers, and as soon as I entered the terms, “Vegan Headache” I was rewarded with many forum posts and articles of people with the same issue as me. The most common advice being, drink more water, make sure you are eating enough, less sugar and of course, Ibuprofen in the meantime. By 6.30am the headache had faded and I had 11 of 12 remaining ‘Nurofen Caplets’ for future treatment.

Having only lasted an hour and half the headache didn’t ruin my day, and was a good reminder to really keep an eye on the quantity of various food groups. More greens seem to be required, where I have been relying more on fruits and less substantial vegetation. Probably been having too much rice too. The trip to the supermarket for pain meds was also a chance for me to explore the vegan/vegetarian sections more carefully. I found that they are split into different areas and it was a fun task to try find all the products that specifically cater to the herbivorous population. One of the things that prompted this was a gift of ‘Macro Double Choc Biscuits’ that a friend gave me. When I mention that I am going without dairy products the general reaction is, “No more chocolate for you!”, which I quickly discovered was not true at all. These biscuits are one example of delicious chocolate goodness without dairy, then of course there is the range of dark chocolate that I can eat, most of Whittaker’s Ghana range included. Here are some photos I took of the products my local supermarket has to offer:
Thoughtful, delicious presents are win. :)Nil detectedBiscuits and the likeMore Biscuits. :P

Chocolate!Meat AlternativesMeat AlternativesBacon Style!Mmmmm... no egg or dairy

One thing that I was a little disappointed about was the fact that most ‘Vegetarian’ products contain egg or milk. I understand that most vegetarians don’t refrain from eating these and that those who do are a small minority, but it was still an inconvenient discovery. I had no intention of relying on specific vegan products, but more the individual ingredients that could be used to make meals. So not a huge roadblock, just annoying that those delicious looking Vege Meatballs are not for me. 😦 I also spent some of the day with a friend exploring potential places to eat out in town. I got hold of an Android app called HappyCow VeginOut which tells you where the vegetarian/vegan restaurants/cafes/stores are in your vicinity. It also has reviews that users can submit so you can have an idea before you go. Saw some of the menus, but yet to try any of the 3 places we checked out. The ‘Sweet & Sour Not-Chicken’ and ‘BBQ Not-Ribs’ were the kind of interesting options at the one exclusively Vegan restaurant Golden Age. We then got some ‘Snow Ice’ from this cool place as I had been given some coupons to use.

I think I’ll finish today’s post with these icy photos, even though I had intended to talk about how some of my other life improvements are going. Expect tomorrow to be less diet stuff and more awesome brain potential stuff. 😛
My 'Eden', Berries with mango base iceLilly's Green Tea thing (Not as delicious as mine). :P


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  1. Detox can be a pain, but once it goes away you will feel much lighter in general and more energetic…stick with it 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement Gretchen. I haven’t experienced another such headache which is good. Though I feel I am still not eating enough. Apparently I should be eating more than what I was before I started this diet, but I struggle with lack of appetite. Still looking for the optimum way to get calories in an easy to eat/drink form. I find that liquid is much easier than food for the most part so I’m looking into fruit/vege smoothies right now. 🙂

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